KamiChat provides customers with an efficient instant messaging service that can easily maximize business value by enhancing the interactive experience with rich message types.A powerful AI chatbot powered by ChatGPT that helps you generate orders even when the store is unattended.

Core Advantages

  • 为客户提供所需帮助

    Provide Customers with the Help They Need

    Communicate with website visitors and answer their inquiries. More than 80% of cases can be resolved on site with no need for further follow-up.

  • 心中有数

    Have a Clear Picture in Mind

    Get a clear gasp of the performance of customer service and get a full control over its status. Continuously improve the quality of service through the evaluation received at the end of each chat.

  • 多渠道聊天

    Multi-Channel Chat

    Manage multiple channels of inquiries from the same panel with easy operations. Integrated with chat plugins from Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, Telegram, etc.

  • 超越传统电话和电子邮件,即问即达

    Outperform traditional phone calls and emails with instant question asking & answers response.

    Say goodbye to long waits and give your customers a surprising experience with instant response.

  • 解决客户问题,提升客户满意度

    Solve Customer Problems & Improve Customer Satisfaction

    More efficient service: quick reply, internal knowledge base, message notification, thus improve 30% of work efficiency.

    Full range of data monitoring: real-time monitoring, comprehensive and detailed data reports, controlling 100% of the service process.

  • 多客服支持

    Supports Multiple Customer Service

    Unified management to improve the efficiency of online customer service, grasp customer inquiries, and improve the conversion rate of business opportunities. Solve 40% of the consultation volume and reduce workload with the 24/7 intelligent customer service for your customers.

Video introduction

Application Scenario

  • 电商 E-Commerce
  • 电子银行 Digital Banking
  • 其他 Others

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